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If you care about the Middle East:
If you enjoy breathing clean air and drinking clean water:

Blessed Earth – Seminary Stewardship Alliance from Matthew Sleeth on Vimeo.

My friend Bruce Reyes Chow’s new ebook is out – “The Definitive-ish Guide for Using Social Media in the Church.” It will be updated each year and gives equal weight to the theory and practice of social media directed at the place where most churches are located, “We know we should, but have no idea why or how to begin.”

For anyone who has wondered if and how social media can benefit the church, Presbyterian pastor and social media early-adopter Bruce Reyes-Chow steps in with answers. He deftly weaves practical how-to’s with a convincing rationale for why social media matters for the church. Social media novices will find an accessible introduction and ideas for getting started, while more experienced users will discover new ways to use social media in congregations. Readers will learn from Bruce’s experiences managing information overload and navigating social media issues during a pastoral transition. This is a book to pick up for both practical purposes and Bruce’s insightful and inspiring commentary on the ways social media is changing our culture and the church. Learn how social media allows Christians to be in the world in new, powerful, and God-honoring ways.

The link on Amazon is:
My friend Deborah Lloyd is video blogging. Beautiful stuff from a beautiful human being:
Listen to Janell Anema’s stunning letter to the church here:
Janell’s talk at Children, Youth, and a New Kind of Christianity rocked the place. Speaking of CYNKC – there’s lots of great stuff (including an amazing poem) at the website.
Good interfaith conversations:
A rabbi, a Mormon and a black Christian mayor walk into a room…
Congratulations to the Southern Baptists!

Don’t let them hijack Jesus! Speak out (sign up) here:
One more post about my time with Tony Jones in the Boundary Waters: