Links that matter to me …

For those interested in the Fair Food Campaign, and especially challenging Publix to live up to their expressed values …
and this
Speaking of fair food – what about fair technology?
I know something about you: you have enough technological gadgets to access this site. That’s why you should be interested in the connections between your gadgets and injustice in Africa. You can learn more here – including how to make a difference:
Would you like to see the Holy Land – not just retracing the footsteps of Jesus from the past, but seeing issues of justice, liberation, compassion, and peace being played out today? My friends Jeff and Janet Wright are leading a trip in early 2013. You should consider going!
For friends in the DFW area, check out The Barnabas Journey … great growth opportunities for you, led by my friend Connie Freeman.
A cool project down under that my friend Jarrod McKenna is involved with …

First Home Project from First Home Project on Vimeo.

A good interview with Frank Schaeffer … on faith and politics:
Here’s Part 2:
Derek Flood is a young theologian who has a bright future ahead of him. His first book – Healing the Gospel – is now available:
You’ll notice when my new book comes out in a few weeks that I reference Derek’s creative work quite heavily in a key chapter.
My friend Kelley Nikondeha has started blogging. I know you’ll enjoy following her, as I will, here:
I’m really looking forward to the gathering In Memphis TN, January 11-12, with Phyllis Tickle and friends, on Emergence Christianity. I think it will be excellent. More information here: