Links Roundup

Some friends in Santa Fe are working on solar energy and energy democracy … by watching the accompanying video, you help them get a grant – and you learn something valuable.
Everyone in North America needs to understand our Native American/First Nations brothers and sisters better. Here’s a tremendously helpful article by a Metis friend named Joe Desjarlais:
My friend Romal Tune has a beautiful new book out. You’ll get a taste of it in this blog post called It’s Not Your Fault.
I’ll be in Dallas with Life in the Trinity Ministries on July 20th examining the book of Acts from a fresh perspective. Here’s the series overview.

Some of us have lots of practice reading the Bible in fundamentalist, pre-critical ways – and others have ample practice reading the Bible in critical or skeptical ways. What we need today is a new, fresh approach to the Bible – reading it in post-critical ways, literary rather than literalist, sensitive to history, and sensitive to an over-arching narrative that focuses on Jesus and his good news. In this 2013 series, in four stand-alone but integrated sessions, we’ll get an overview of the whole Bible from this fresh perspective.

Led by: Brian McLaren
Workshop Time: Sat 9:00 AM – 4:00 PM
Cost: 75.00 per session
Workshop Dates:
July 20 Reading Acts Afresh
December 6-7 Reading the New Testament Afresh
Click here to Register

The ONE Campaign has put together some of the greatest protest songs of the era, here:
If I were starting a new church, I’d want to be at the church planters academy this summer, August 15-17. Info here.
We all know that our political and religious lives would benefit from a good dose of civility. Some friends of mine are organizing the second national Citizens’ Civility Symposium. They’re taking the message of civility directly to Capitol Hill. The Symposium will include keynote presentations and panel discussions featuring civility experts and practitioners, as well as current and former members of Congress. Registration is available on line at Doors will open for the Symposium at 2:30 pm on Monday, July 22. A continental breakfast will be provided on Tuesday morning before we begin again at 9:00 am. The event comes to a close at 1:00 pm, but participants are encouraged to spend the afternoon visiting the offices of their representatives and senators, taking the message of civility with them as they go. For more information, contact, or call 713-444-1254 or 281-782-4454.
I predict that prison reform, race, and the prison-industrial complex will become one of the key moral issues of the coming decade. You’ll see one reason why in this video about Duane Buck: