Links Roundup

A great new edition of my friend @iancron’s book “Chasing Francis” has just released. Order it now! #ChaseFrancis
Need an understandable introduction to the work of Rene Girard? Here it is:

A beautiful NPR report by Lily Percy on Gordon Cosby …
Here’s a love letter, to you:
Jonathan Merritt asks if Mark Driscoll is this generation’s Pat Robertson. When I heard what he said at a recent Catalyst conference in TX, I thought he must have been joking. But apparently not. Young Evangelicals certainly have a choice in what they will make of Evangelicalism in the future, and Mark Driscoll represents one option.
The links on my recent post about Joe Boyd’s new film project didn’t come through. Hopefully they will this time!
And don’t miss Anne Howard’s piece on the church and Pentecost. Beautifully and insightfully written: