Links Roundup

I recently mentioned several friends who have entered the important conversation on the doctrine of hell. Another good contribution – Heath Bradley’s Flames of Love.
Wes Granberg-Michaelson offers wise insight on the selection of the next pope:
And equally incisive insight on what the next pope will face, from Tony Bartlett, here:
And here’s an interesting piece on Catholicism in America:
And here’s a great YES Magazine story about community development in Buffalo, NY:
My friend Jarrod McKenna is videoblogging about Lent. Good reflections, here:
Speaking of Lent (and Passion Week upcoming), thousands of preachers will be planning sermons on the crucifixion in the coming weeks. Many will focus on penal substitutionary atonement theory, because it’s the only way they’ve been taught, as they interpret the crucifixion. Scot McKnight does a wonderful job of showing that there is not only one way to interpret the crucifixion in this carefully argued article:
Here’s a helpful and relevant resource from Mark Baker and others (I contributed too):