Links Roundup

Kathleen Staudt has written a beautiful piece called Why Church? here.
You can access my recent interview about Convergence Christianity at Darkwood Brew here. Topic – emergence and convergence.
Alan Bean posts on Mitt Romney’s recent birthed “joke.” It wasn’t, of course, simply a joke. Whether it was conscious or not, it was a covert message of “us-ness” that sought to render President Obama “the other.”
A great feature on my friend and colleague Tony Jones …
Tony’s blog is one of very few I check nearly every day.
If you missed the Children, Youth, and a New Kind of Christianity event in May, here are some short videos that will give you a taste of what you missed …
How much confidence do people have in the church/organized religion as compared to other institutions of society? This from Gallup gives both current numbers – and data since the 1970’s.
Haven’t heard about Animate yet?
This is ridiculous:
The article is right about one thing: Egyptian Christians need our support. But they are not supported by irresponsible and made-up reports like this which spread fear, hatred, misinformation, and prejudice. If ACLJ cares about justice, they ought to care about the truth. You’ll find a helpful rebuttal here:
I’m part of a group that has made a proposal for a presentation at SXSW in 2013. You can help our presentation be picked by casting your vote here: