Links Round-up

Jonathan Merritt has some good insight on younger Evangelical voters on Religion and Ethics Newsweekly … here.
My favorite campaign song so far …

If you haven’t heard about Mark Siljander’s new book, A Deadly Misunderstanding, I’d encourage you to check out this website and read this book. I’m heartbroken to watch politicians continue to overtly or covertly fan the flames of anti-Muslim and anti-Arab prejudice. I’m even more heartbroken to see Christian leaders doing the same. Mark Siljander courageously reverses this trend – promoting accurate understanding and intelligent engagement rather than prejudice and bigotry.
Here’s an interview I did with Wineskins Magazine … here. It’s largely about my newest book, Finding Our Way Again … also available here.
Several people have asked about where they can get hi-res versions of some of the youtube pieces on my channel. The answer – here.
Here’s a provocative response to James Dobson’s recent apocalyptic anti-Obama letter. Jim Wallis also offers a good antidote to fear-mongering here and here. And Ryan Beillor adds his insights here.
It’s an exciting time to be alive!