Links Round-Up

My friend and colleague, Bruce Sanguin, has launched an on-line membership site, Home for Evolving Mystics. One of the weekly components will be “a fresh, lectionary-based, evolutionary interpretation of scripture.” For people interested in the intersection of contemporary thought, spiritual practice, and Christian faith, this site will be an excellent resource.
Another friend, David Korten, has written a challenging article on the stories we live by. For people familiar with my work, you’ll note strong resonance.
There is no shortage of great Kickstarter campaigns, but here’s one that I highly recommend, involving my friend writer/actor/director Ted Schwartz …

A play about fathers and sons, about faith, church and same sex relationships. It’s a humorous play about hearing one another’s stories
Over the last two years I (Ted) have been asked to consider writing a show around sexuality and the church… “we’ve tried everything else, we thought we might try humor” to engage in respectful conversation within the church. Ah, the church—that deeply flawed, infuriating, beloved vessel of the kingdom of God.
After resisting vigorously for a year, I decided to step out and see where the Spirit might lead and along with musicians Patrick Ressler and Justin Yoder, premiered “Learning to Play” in a winter and spring “soft launch”.
Some responses from that soft launch…

”Thanks for the creative, moving, passionate way you presented the diverse perspectives on a highly volatile subject. I wish this show could be given in every conference with the opportunity for dialogue that occurred yesterday.”
“I was profoundly touched by your portrayal of varying perspectives on sexuality. Thank you for your continued willingness to do Kingdom work and speak loving and humorous truth to us all.”
“It is an AMAZING show!! … a MUST see.”
“If you are anywhere near where Ted is doing the “Learning to Play” show, regardless of what you think about the “issues”, I would strongly urge you to go see this production. It is fantastic!!”
“It’s a privilege to have been present at what I sensed was a holy place.”

Undergraduate and graduate students – here’s a worthwhile essay contest:

Undergraduate and graduate students are invited to participate in the AAAS Science and Human Rights Coalition Essay Competition. This competition was created to inspire students to explore connections between human rights and science, engineering and the health professions. Submissions should be written in the form of an analytical or critical paper (maximum 750 words) that raises thought-provoking questions and reflects the student’s own ideas, interests, and research. The deadline for submissions is Friday, May 30. Additional information regarding eligibility and essay requirements can be found at

If you’re a pastor in need of some theological renewal … you should check out this conference in June. Great people – and there couldn’t be a more important subject: