Life After Doom: Resources for Audiobook Listers, and for Groups and Individuals

In Life After Doom: Wisdom and Courage for a World Falling Apart, I offer a “Dear Reader” section at the end of each chapter. It can be used by individuals for reflection, journaling (written or audio), and other forms of contemplative engagement.

It can also be used to as a resource for reading groups. (See also Appendix 2, available below.)

You can download the Dear Reader section for each chapter here:

Dear Reader PDF

The print version of Life After Doom contains 6 appendices. Three of them are not well suited to an audiobook format, so we are making those appendices available here for folks who listened to the audiobook. In the PDF below, you’ll find:

Appendix 1. Best Resources for Our Predicament (See below for updates.)

Appendix 2. Using this Book for Small Groups, Classes, Sermon Series, and Retreats

Appendix 4. Your Plan.

Appendices for AudioBook Listeners PDF


Since the book went to print, many excellent new resources have been released. I will occasionally add new recommended resources here:

Thanks to Jessica Serrante for her absolutely beautiful podcast series with the sage-saint Joanna Macy, We Are the Great Turning:

An in-depth, well-produced documentary on climate change, civilizational collapse, and energy:  The final words are a quote from Pierre Tielhard de Chardin.

Three philosophers on the psychological drivers of our current situation:


You can order Life After Doom here: