Latest deepshift newsletter – music link

Here’s a copy of this week’s email newsletter. Check out the links below …
Greetings, friends –
First, three resources that many of you will find helpful…
Aaron Niequist is one of the gifted new songwriters who is writing worship music with a concern for justice. Lots of great resonances with Everything Must Change, Songs for a Revolution of Hope and my “open letter to worship songwriters“. You can read the lyrics to his beautiful new collection of songs here, and listen to an mp3 of “The Resistance,” and order the CD too….
Here are a couple of my favorite lines from Aaron’s album:
From “The Resistance” – We hear the call of kingdom come as one more train we chase to only miss…but we will never give up on it. … We’re living in a world built on the walls between the haves and never wills. But we’re following a king whose ears are bent to those forgotten and unfilled…and he will never give up on it.
From “Love Can Change the World” – Bridges are more beautiful than bombs are…listening is louder than a lecture…an open hand is stronger than a fist is…may we never stop this dreaming of a better world

Second, my friend Tom Willett recently posted some thoughts about creativity and spirituality that many of you will enjoy…
And third, my Australian friend Dave Andrews has a great new book out, called Plan Be.
It’s hard to believe we’re down to our last three cities in the Everything Must Change tour. Each event so far has been a true pleasure and the team members I’ve traveled with – Linnea, Denise, Tracy, Jo and Will, and Eric – have been stellar. We’ve shared a lot of great laughter, good food, and tremendous conversations, and we’ve met so many committed and hopeful people.
This weekend we’ll be in Kansas City. Then we’ll have our special Bronx gathering May 2-3 (a generous sponsor covered our fixed costs, so you can come for just $20!), and finally we’ll be in Goshen Indiana May 9-10. So – if you’re in the Midwest or Northeast, please plan to be with us. You’ll find information on hotels and other logistics at the website. Please join us!
We’ve been receiving a lot of encouraging emails after each gathering. Of special encouragement to me have been the emails that come several weeks after the event, when people tell us that – yes – deep shift has happened in their lives. They’re still thinking about what we talked about, still seeing things in new ways, still talking and sharing with their friends, still making changes.
Thanks for your interest, friends!
See you in Kansas City, the Bronx, and Indiana!
Brian McLaren
P.S. If you’re interested in spiritual formation, my new book Finding Our Way Again just came out. I think it is a great companion to Everything Must Change – EMC points to the changes needed in our world, and FOWA points to the changes needed in our souls and churches. The two kinds of change must go together!
And if you haven’t checked out yet, take a minute now and get connected to others making a difference with their lives to change everything.