John Esposito on Egypt’s Challenge (Again)

A sober analysis by a sagely observer. Quotable:

But what do we know of the successful opposition and its platform and agenda?
Beyond their unity of purpose, to bring down the Morsi government, the opposition has had no clear leader, no agreed upon platform of specific reforms. Its diverse and ideologically contradictory makeup offers no sense of the future direction of Egypt. Leaders and participants include Mubarak holdovers from the military and judiciary to police, security, bureaucracy (who are the real survivors and winners), as well as former major presidential candidates like Amr Musa; an array of Egypt’s illiberal (non-democratic) secularists; disaffected April Spring youth, that cut across the political and religious spectrum, who felt that they and their concerns were excluded from the government; religious leaders, Ahmed al-Tayyeb, Grand Sheikh of al-Azhar and himself a former member of the Mubarak-led National Democratic Party as well the heads of the Salafist Nour Party and the Coptic church are curious bedfellows or allies.