Jewish Nationalism and Christian Theology – a Jewish perspective

My friend Robert Cohen writes an important piece for all who care about peace in the Middle East, here. Quotable:

Jews and Christians enjoy tremendous common ground and can build on their shared understanding of a universal God concerned for all of his creation and who demands of us that we love our neighbour and pursue an agenda of justice. Anything done in the name of Christianity or Judaism that is an affront to that calling must be clearly identified or else both traditions are fatally undermined.
Christian partners in Jewish dialogue must acknowledge the very real connection of Judaism with the Holy Land through Jewish prayer, festivals and sacred mythology. On that basis, Israel should be seen as a ‘homeland’ of Jewish heritage. But that doesn’t mean accepting that Zionism is integral to Judaism or that the Jewish population of Israel has the right to create exclusive rights for itself and deny human rights to others.
The return to Jewish nationalism has led the Jewish people down an ethical cul-de-sac. The history that has taken us to this point needs to be understood and acknowledged but the rightness of its outcome must be challenged. To navigate our way out will require a brave dialogue with the Palestinians that turns Israel from a ‘Jewish Democracy’ to a ‘Human Democracy’. Meanwhile, we need sympathetic Christian partners who will help us to reclaim the very values that their own faith is built upon.