January 2012 Update

Happy New Year, friends –
2012 ended with an absolute highlight – Grace and I having our two granddaughters, our four kids and their spouses and significant others, and some other relatives all under one roof in Florida. These two photos say it all:
My travels this month will take me to Chicago (sold out), Georgia, Kansas, DC, and Baltimore. You can get details here …
While home in Florida, we have a steady stream of company, and I’ll squeeze in some volunteer work with Rookery Bay and Interfaith Action. I’ll be editing/revising my major September release, based on input from a number of thoughtful readers. By the way, that will be September 11, 2012 (a fitting date, given the subject), for Why did Jesus, Moses, the Buddha, and Mohammed Cross the Road? Christian Identity in a Multi-Faith World.
I’ll also be preparing a few short fiction e-books which I should have news on soon. They’re unlike anything I’ve ever written. Stay tuned.
I’ll also have news later this week on a new partnership I’ll be involved with in 2012, about which I’m very enthusiastic. It promises to be a wonderful year. I’m grateful to be here for it!