It’s about love.

Each summer I have the pleasure of volunteering as a sea turtle monitor here in SW Florida where I live. There are thousands of us around the world who keep track of where sea turtles nest and who in various ways protect and gather data on sea turtles so they can be saved from human destruction … through poachers, pollution, “by-catch,” habitat destruction, and climate change.
Some of us are organized by government agencies, and others of us live in states where the government doesn’t really care much about monitoring or protecting, so we are organized through non-profit/non-governmental groups. Here’s a great story about a scientist who is working to protect sea turtles in Mexico (be forewarned – there are some disturbing images along with majestic ones):
Last week here in SW Florida, we excavated a hatched nest of a loggerhead sea turtle that had one little guy stuck at the bottom.
We were able to set him free to join his 98 siblings who successfully hatched the night before. Wherever you live, there are habitats, watersheds, and species that need some human advocates … I hope you’ll find one to love.