It’s a global conversation … “something new is coming”

More and more people here in the U.S. are getting involved in/with the emergent conversation (either “in” it as participants or “with” it as observers or critics). Too few are sufficiently aware of the global nature of the conversation. Some folks still think of what’s going on as an exclusively “American” thing, when the truth is that we USAmericans showed up late to a global party already in progress.
People involved in/with the emergent conversation in the US would be encouraged – and humbled, I think – to encounter the depth and vigor of conversation going on in Europe – via gatherings like Greenbelt and various networks like Emergent UK and emergent Germany.
As more people become aware of the postmodern side of the coin and its important conversations about truth, they should also become aware of the postcolonial side of the coin and its important conversations about justice. As they learn about the growing diversity of reflective practitioners talking about the shape and future of the church in the West, they should also learn about the amazing array of women and men leading parallel conversations in the global south.
To get a flavor of the rich African conversation, check out this piece … and explore the whole site, including this report from a recent gathering in South Africa. Be sure to sign up for the newsletter too.
Consider especially this quote from Sarah Gonski, an American spending the summer in Burundi, East Africa:

One of the friends I met, Hannah Nayoge, is a beautiful young woman who is working on a public health degree in Kampala. After a long few days of deconstructing old theologies, Hannah and I had a conversation in which she told me she was tired. Tired of it all. Tired of a world hurting and a church content to turn its back and make lofty pronunciations on the eternal fate of outsiders. Tired of performing the mental gymnastics of truly wrestling with what it means to follow Jesus. “But”, she said, smiling hopefully at me, “something new is coming. I feel it”.

To get a taste of what’s emerging in Latin America, check out what I think is the leading integral mission network in the world …
Or check out this exciting new network in Malaysia.
It’s a global conversation. Hannah Nayoge is right: Something new is coming.