Initiative 4: Vote
Until now, very few political leaders have shown much courage in grappling with Climate Change. Many, in fact, are still in the climate change denier camp. It’s no wonder, since the fossil fuel industry “buys” politicians with campaign donations and pressures them through lobbyists.
We’re glad that President Obama has taken unprecedented action in this regard. But many presidential candidates are already vowing to reverse his positive actions. And we need leaders at all levels of government – city, county, state, national, and international – who agree with Pope Francis’ call to integral ecology.
That’s why we’re making this bold request:
That you make climate change and integral ecology to be one of your top three issues in selecting candidates … for the foreseeable future.
We need to let candidates know that by ignoring or opposing action on climate change, they are turning away millions of potential voters … and by showing moral courage to lead in climate change, they will be attracting millions of potential voters.
We don’t have time to waste. The opposition to climate change solutions is strong. But our numbers our growing, our commitment is strengthening, and our shared dream of integral ecology is in line with the arc of history that bends towards justice. May it be so!