In London tonight … please come!

My UK tour is almost over. It has been a real pleasure. If you’re in the London area tonight, I hope you’ll come. I don’t think I’ll be in England again until 2014 … Details here:
Once again, in addition to excellent meetings with a variety of people (more on this maybe next week), I’ve enjoyed some beautiful drives across England. [If you map out our itinerary, you’ll see (in the words of Johnny Cash) I’ve been everywhere, man.] Yesterday, we drove past Stonehenge.
It was a good reminder that we humans share a lot of history before there was any such thing as Hinduism, Buddhism, Judaism, Christianity, Islam, etc. … and that, if we believe in God at all, we must believe that God could be in meaningful relation with human beings without the requirement of denominations, dogma, crusades, cathedrals, temples, sacrifices, budgets, or blogs like this one! Those massive stones raise interesting questions about the past that have meaning for us today … something I’ll be thinking about for quite some time, I’m sure.