Images of Cambodia

I just got back from a wonderful trip to Hong Kong with the people of Asian Outreach. Then I went on to Cambodia, a place I have wanted to visit for years. (Our little house church was deeply involved with resettling Cambodian refugees back in the early 80’s in the aftermath of the genocide there.) Unfortunately, I didn’t take any pictures in Hong Kong, but in Cambodia, though, I took loads.
My host there was David Peck. We stayed in Phnom Penh, but planned to go out to the countryside east of the city to visit some of the health clinics he’s involved with there. Here we are on a ferry, crossing the Mekong River.
There was a constant downpour, which meant that we only got to see one of the clinics. Anybody who has traveled on third world roads knows why! Here’s our truck, stuck in the mud.
We were hanging out for a while (waiting for the downpour to stop) in a little roadside cafe and a couple of the local guys showed us this “snack.” It’s in alcohol – eventually they’ll eat it, probably as an aphrodisiac.
Here are some kids who were intrigued to have some visitors in their little village. (I don’t know if the one boy is decorated or bandaged – I think decorated.):
By far, the highlight of the trip was making some new friends – like Romanea and Naroth …
Travel is hard work and it loses some of its glamour when you do it as much as I do. But I always come home feeling blessed when I meet such wonderful people who are seeking to love God and neighbor, especially those who are poor and vulnerable.