If you’re a pastor, ministry leader, or other compassionate human feeling weary, worn out, or on the edge …

I’m honored to be part of this post-Easter retreat — April 18-21 — at Montreat in North Carolina.

Discovering Renewal

Some retreats are more like conferences with lots of input. That’s good and needed sometimes. But other times, what you need as a quiet place in nature’s beauty … with time to unwind, rest, and simply enjoy being human. I’ll be leading one daily session focused on deep renewal, but other than that, you’ll have free time with options for some physical activity — including guided hiking (with Aram Mitchell), yoga (with Mary Caroll Dodd), and fly fishing (with Tanner Pickett).

I hope you’ll consider joining us, right after Easter, for Discovering Renewal: https://montreat.org/events/renewal-2022

By the way – what this article describes about Baptists and burnout probably applies to all denominations: https://baptistnews.com/article/leaving-church-part-2-the-great-baptist-resignations-and-covid/