If you still need some Christmas gifts …

… here are some ways I can help.

My new book, The Great Spiritual Migration, would be a great gift for people who are deeply committed to Christian faith … and equally, those who have been driven away, lost interest, etc.

My previous book, We Make the Road by Walking, gives a fresh overview of the Bible and Christian faith, emphasizing themes of peace, justice, care for creation, and reconciliation.

And my earlier books, especially Why Did Jesus, Moses, the Buddha, and Mohammed Cross the Road, Everything Must Change, and The Secret Message of Jesus, are more relevant now than even when they were written. In particular, Naked Spirituality is a great book for people who want to deepen the contemplative dimensions of their spiritual lives.

Along with writing books, I write songs, and you can give a download of some songs I wrote during my sabbatical, called Songs for The Great Spiritual Migration. These are simple but meaningful songs geared toward group singing in your church or fellowship group.

You could also download my Storyline of the Bible podcast series or my Reading the Bible Afresh series, which is a recording of four weekend seminars I led on the Bible.

Another option that would be a great gift for people who enjoy yoga … a downloadable video series called Twelve Simple Words that integrates yoga with the “spiritual postures” I describe in Naked Spirituality.