If you liked Benjamin Netanyahu’s speech to Congress …

or if you didn’t, these insights from Navajo Christian activist Mark Charles deserve your attention:

Did anyone else catch this statement made last week by Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu in his address to a joint session of Congress?
He said (to applause):
“Because America and Israel, we share a common destiny, the destiny of promised lands that cherish freedom and offer hope…”
The belief that the lands of North America are a “promised land” to the colonizing nations of Europe is rooted in the Doctrine of Discovery and requires an acceptance of at least 2 extra-Biblical components.
1. Christian empires are ordained and established by God..
2. God gave the lands of North America to colonists in order to plant the United States, a new nation with a God-given destiny
Both Jesus and Paul rejected the notion that Christ came to establish a worldly “Christian” empire.
The belief that the United States is a Christian Empire that has a land covenant with God is a self-serving fabrication that has no moral or spiritual basis. Whether or not the United States is a Christian nation has absolutely no bearing on the salvation of any follower of Christ. Yet many American Christians embrace this national identity with such devotion that one would think our eternal destiny depended upon our citizenship in a Christian Empire.
I was shocked by the Prime Minister’s words. Not only because they were extremely inaccurate, both historically and theologically. But also because one does not need to read very far into the Old Testament book of Joshua to discovery the God ordained fate of any nations or peoples that pre-exist in “Promised Lands”. His words, before a joint session of Congress, implied Biblical justification for 5 centuries of incredible injustice, racism and dehumanization towards the indigenous peoples of North America.