I need your help …

I always love to write, but I have never enjoyed the writing process as much as I have this year, working on my next book …

Why did Jesus, Moses, the Buddha, and Mohammed Cross the Road Christian Identity in a Multi-Faith World.

The book is based on the simple idea that we Christians know how to do two things well: a) have a strong Christian identity that is hostile to other faiths, and b) have a weak Christian identity that is benign (or harmless) to other faiths. The book explores – historically, sociologically, theologically, liturgically, and missionally – a third option: how to have a strong Christian identity that is benevolent toward other faiths, so the stronger our faith commitment, the more we love, welcome, respect, protect, and enjoy the other.
The book will be released on September 11, 2012 (a fitting date for many reasons). Here’s why I need your help:
1. I’ve kept my fall 2012 schedule as open as possible so that we can set up five to ten major events in key cities around the country where I would give a multi-media presentation about the book, do some Q & R, and stimulate small-group conversation on this important topic.
2. Colleges, universities, seminaries, conference centers, churches, denominational agencies, bookstores, and nonprofit organizations would be natural hosts for these events. Our hope would be to have at least 400 people at each event. The presentation can be adapted to a variety of Christian audiences – Roman Catholic, Mainline Protestant, Evangelical, etc., as well as to multi-faith and secular audiences.
3. We have a plan for handling finances that could produce some revenue for the host organization.
If you’d like to explore hosting one of these events in fall 2012, would you contact Laci Scott at this email address, ASAP?
No pressure, but we’d appreciate exploring possibilities with you.
Thanks, friends!