“I Gave My Life to Jesus a Year Ago”

A reader writes …

Brian, I’m sure you are busy making disciples and fending off critics, but I just wanted to drop you a note. Your books have fundamentally changed the way I think and feel about what it means to be a Christian. They have opened my eyes to a path to walking with Christ that allows God to get bigger and more majestic with every step, not smaller and more predictable.
I gave my life to Jesus a year ago. Having grown up in the Catholic faith but seeking a new way, I thought what you would call “Big E” evangelicalism was the only other alternative. I was quickly turned off by so much of the line-drawing, who’s-in/who’s out talk, pressure on me to immediately complete a “salvation transaction” with my wife and children, and other behavior – all of which deprived many of these people of the right to hear my story, walk with me, and be my friend.
These are the same people who warned me not to read your books, and expressed deep concern when I did..
I am so glad I’ve been reading them. You obviously “get” something very deep and profound about the God who loves is in a way that we cannot possibly fathom. Thank you for opening my eyes to this new way of loving the things Christ loves and meeting people smack dab in the middle of where they are.
In any case, I read and hear the attacks on you and the questions you are asking. And I am sure you are getting encouragement from those your words are reaching.
I just wanted to encourage you as well. I am so much more in awe of God thanks to your work. Questions are good. Keep asking the hardest ones you can! Bless you, brother.

Thanks for this encouragement, brother – and keep on this good path!