How to Make a Writer Feel Good (a reader writes)

A reader writes:
Thank you for your book, “The Secret Message of Jesus.”  My roommate, a retired Unity minister was sorting through her myriad of books when I happened to “see” this book.  Thankfully, she’s a generous soul and loaned it to me.  🙂  I immediately began reading and made it through page 42.  Laid it down.  It laid there for weeks, until finally, this morning, out of desperation, I picked it up again.  You see, I’ve been in the middle of a “dry” period of morning wake-up reading, a time I like to think is for spiritual “stuff.”  At 65 years, I’ve read so much, been inspired, grown, etc., etc., etc. (just like everyone else!), and I’ve run out of things to read.  Yes, it’s difficult to imagine, with all the lovely material “out there.”  In the past few years, I’ve actually begun to discover and trust my internal “guidance,” believing that I DO have Divine communication….just like everyone else.  🙂   And I’ve become a bit tired and cynical….and realize that each of us really does find their own way….even with help from others and their works.
This morning.  This morning was different.  Oh, I decided to pick up your book again.  It’s the only one sitting and staring at me in my morning place.  As I began reading, I began to think of all the people who would benefit from this book.  From truly understanding Jesus’ teachings.  You know….that friend, that sibling, that person-on-the-street.  Somehow, I quickly turned it all around and back to ME.  I (ME!) could be more patient with these people (who SO badly need these learnings :-)) ).  I (ME!) could be more tolerant…understanding….LOVING!
OK….so that got me started.  I fell in love with your writing!  Down to earth, friendly, over-coffee friend.  You sucked me in by the middle of page 44 (page 43 was a short page 🙂 ).  And I was enraptured.  MAN!  I grew up in the Catholic church, have wandered away into so many other teachings, and found my way back to Christianity, just because I love it.  All the other beliefs give me ideas, new understandings, new ways of seeing, and are companions in my life.  I’m rambling now….  By the end of Chapter 6, I am looking forward to my morning reading.  AND I believe that the Bible will become part of that time, too.  Now, I’m really curious.  Now I’m excited.
THANK YOU!!!!!  That’s what I really wanted to say.  THANK YOU!!!!  I can’t wait to read more!
Thanks for your encouraging words! I spent a lot of hours in a corner of my basement writing that book … hoping that I would someday hear from people like you. God bless!