Here’s an Evangelical Voice you can be proud of:

If Jerry Falwell, Pat Robertson, and Franklin Graham define Evangelicals, then it’s high time for millions of us to head for the door. Thankfully, there’s another kind of evangelical voice out there, embodied powerfully by my colleague Rev. Wm. Barber.
If you don’t know him yet, you should. For starters, check out this article.

Presidential candidates of all political stripes have long courted what the media calls the “evangelical voters” in the South, using the language of morality. Well, I am an evangelical. I have been born again. I don’t think it is because I have African and Native American and some European blood flowing in my veins that I have a different view of evangelism. Yes, I learned my evangelism from my father, a Disciples of Christ minister… I learned that persons who claim to be evangelicals are anointed to preach good news to the poor.

Trumpism was created in the crucible of the “Southern strategy.” …We can’t isolate Donald Trump and his supporters, because that is a simplification. When you unpack the policies of all of his competitors, most of their disagreement is in tone, not substance. It is not as though they are moderate and he is extreme. Trump is not the problem; it’s all of the xenophobia and racist innuendo and othering of immigrants that is the problem. It is all of the coded language … from the Southern-strategy lexicon of Wallace, Nixon, Reagan, and Atwater that has been spewed for years. That is the problem… Long before Trump, all of this rhetoric created a kind of us-against-them mob mentality, which after it is loosed can manifest in the violence that we now see.

Too many Evangelicals have become the zealous religious chaplaincy of the Southern Strategy of the Republican Party. Even more Evangelicals aid and abet their colleagues by remaining silent and therefore complicit. But thank God, there are other voices. Let’s lift them up as a needed and inspiring alternative!