Help With Your Holiday Shopping

Books, of course!
I’ve read dozens of great books this year, but here are three that stand out as my Christmas recommendations – the kind of books I think my readers would enjoy receiving and giving:

A Devotional:
Yours is the Day, Lord, Yours is the Night (Jeanie and David Gushee) – This is a treasure of daily prayers gleaned from church history.
A Novel:
Lying Awake (Mark Salzman) – A haunting short novel that must be savored slowly – even meditatively, it delivers a powerful impact on many levels.
The Seven Basic Plots (Christopher Booker) – A fascinating survey of literature, grand in scope and a pleasure in style.
Christianity After Religion (Diana Butler Bass) – A state of the art book on the state of the church.

As for my work, here’s what I’d suggest:
For something inexpensive and digital:
My short-fiction e-books – here for Girl with Dove Tattoo and here for politics.
For Christians of any persuasion … and for folks who’ve joined the “church alumni society” – my 2012 release, Why Did Jesus, Moses, the Buddha, and Mohammed Cross the Road?
For those seeking spirituality … Naked Spirituality
For those asking important questions about faith … A New Kind of Christianity
For my top sellers:
A New Kind of Christian
A Generous Orthodoxy
Secret Message of Jesus
Everything Must Change

For all my books … here’s a list.