Hell, God, Love, Fear …

Wisdom from Alan Bean, right here:
If you find this article useful, you’ll enjoy one of my books, The Last Word and the Word After That.
Here’s a recent Q about The Last Word …

I loved the first two books of the New Kind of Christian Trilogy. I am a busy man and purchased the audio books. I was wondering if the last book, The Last Word and the Word After That would be available on audio at some point.
I love your writing and ministry. Keep up all that you are doing.

Here’s the R:
Unfortunately, Christian Audio has not released the third book. You can find my other books that they’ve made available here:
If you’d like to encourage them to make the book available, you could send an email here:
I’d be pleased if they responded to customer requests and decide to release it along with the first two books in the trilogy.