Happy Fathers Day! (a few days early)

This video is in honor of my dad, Dr. Ian D. McLaren, my granddaughters’ dads (Brett and Jesse), and all dads everywhere … Feel free to share it with a father you love. (Lyrics after the jump)

The Push of Love
When I was a boy my dad and I would walk to the park, hand in hand.
The rusty gate would open wide, and I would run to play inside.
I’d climb high on the jungle gym, then run to the swing to be pushed by him.
“Push me higher, Dad!” I’d cry. I’d point my toes to touch the sky.
I grew into a man, and I had a son. We walked to the park, hand in hand.
Through the old gate we’d make our way and I would watch him run and play.
He’d climb that same old jungle gym. On that same old swing, I’d push him.
He’d squeal and laugh, and I’d know why, when he’d point his toes to touch the sky.
And my little boy, now he’s a man, and his little girl now holds his hand.
The three of us walk to the park. We stay and play almost ‘til dark.
On the merry-go-round, in a dizzy whirl, my son spins his little girl.
From the swing, she calls, “Look! Watch me fly! Grandpa! My toes can touch the sky!”
I cheer her on and I applaud, and suddenly, the love of God
Lights up my heart with joy, and then, I feel just like a boy again.
And you are on the swings with me, laughing, soaring, feeling free.
“Push us higher, Lord!” we cry, and we point our toes to touch the sky.
When I was a boy, my dad and I would walk to the park, hand in hand.
– Brian McLaren (2011)