Grandparent-Wisdom from Lynne Hybels …

From her blog:

Six years ago, when grandson Henry was born, I was engaged in sub-Saharan Africa, advocating on behalf of widows, orphans, and people suffering from AIDS. As I anticipated Henry’s birth, I feared that my love for him would consume me, would pull my heart away from the children I had seen in Africa. I needn’t have worried. I discovered that when your heart expands to love one child deeply, it enhances your capacity to love all children.
So it is now. As my heart expands to embrace the increasing medical needs of my parents, I feel more deeply than ever the pain of Israeli and Palestinian women who are, even today, caring for family members wounded by weapons of war. I feel more deeply than ever the horror of Congolese women, raped and ravaged by rebels, with limited or no access to the medical care they need.