Good news on the Security System

In Everything Must Change and at our EMC Tour events, we talk about four critical global crises, one of which is the crisis of the security system, a.k.a. the peace crisis. It’s not often that we can report good news on this front.
First, in the new issue of Sojourners, you can learn how Henry Kissinger and other Reagan administration leaders have joined together to promote not just a limitation in the development of nuclear weapons, but more … the creation of a nuclear-weapon-free world. You may find this hard to believe, but it’s true.
And you can read the moving story of an anti-nuclear activist who has experienced a fusion of activism and Christian faith here.
More good news: over 100,000 people have sent an email to the Department of Energy urging them not to develop new and more powerful nuclear warheads, and urging them instead to work for a nuclear-weapons-free world.
Even more good news – our emails have challenged the Department of Energy to extend the comment period until tomorrow, Wednesday.
And still more good news – that means – if you haven’t already done so – you can add your name to the list by going here
Please take this small step of solidarity with people who are motivated by faith in Jesus to oppose the insanity of nuclear weapons proliferation, and who are instead dreaming a better dream.