good days

I spent a few days in the woods camping last week in the Green Ridge State Forest in Western Maryland. It was a needed getaway and good for my soul. I had two days in solitude – just my tent, campfire, and fishing rod. Lots of time for prayer, rest, and enjoyment of God’s beautiful world bursting into spring. Then my two sons came and camped with me the last day – hiking and fishing, eating at Bill’s Place in Little Orleans (my favorite eating establishment on the planet), flinging burning marshmallows, laughing our heads off, and just enjoying being together. Good gifts of life.
Last night I was invited to share Passover with my good neighbors. Amazing food, pleasant company, and a reconnection with the story that we all find ourselves in.
Today has been another quiet day, soaking in silence as Grace is visiting our older daughter in Pennsylvania, so I have the house to myself. This week will end with our deepshift team in Kansas City, followed by the Bronx and Goshen in May.
Sitting around the campfire, I finished reading the manuscript for Phyllis Tickle’s upcoming book The Great Emergence. All I can say is … wow. My only regret: it won’t be out until October … I wish everybody could read this book now. It’s breathtaking, and for all of us out on the edge, it’s very, very encouraging.