Global Warming: What You Need to Know Right Now

Here’s a recent highly-understandable summary on where we are with global warming:

I do quibble with one statement in the article, that we don’t need to point fingers. I actually think we do. We need to point fingers at these four groups.

  1. The Fossil Fuel Industry. See this important article about Exxon. As Senator Sheldon Whitehouse recently said, “Exxon knew; Exxon lied; Exxon paid front groups to do its dirty work; Exxon corrupted our politics; Exxon has never come clean; and Exxon is probably still at it.”
  2. The US Government (and other G20 governments). G20 nations give more than 20 times the subsidies to fossil fuels than they do to renewable energy. That’s crazy and has to stop.
  3. 139 climate deniers in Congress are holding our nation – and the world – hostage to their ignorance (or corruption). You should know who they are and vote against them. Here’s a list of 109 representatives and 30 senators.
  4. Anyone who promotes false or misleading information. Want to know how to respond to the six most common climate fallacies? Here’s a short fact-based summary.

Thanks to reader Peter C for encouraging me to post more on this topic. It really is urgent. And that’s an understatement.