From St. Ignatius

I’m reading the manuscript of an introduction to the writings of Ignatius of Loyala by Mark Mossa … coming out soon. It’s excellent … especially this:

Advice for Writers
I will describe what I myself do, and I trust in the Lord, will continue to do in this regard so as to avoid mistakes when writing to members of the Society. I make a first draft of the main letter, reporting things that will be edifying; then, after reading it over and correcting it, keeping in mind that it is going to be read by everybody, I write or have someone write it out a second time. For we must give even more thought to what we write than to what we say. Writing is permanent and gives lasting witness; we cannot mend or reinterpret it as easily as we can our speech. And even with all this I am sure I make many mistakes, and fear doing so in the future. I leave for the separate pages other details that are inap- propriate for the main letter or lacking in edification.1 These pages each one can write hastily “out of the overflow of the heart,”2 with or without careful organization.