For Southern Baptists …

I know that at Southern Seminary and similar places, I’m not on the list of favorite Christian authors. But as the encouraging note below suggests, Southern Baptists could consider me, not an enemy, but a kind of “Plan B.” If their approach to faith and practice doesn’t work for some of their folks, perhaps I can be of help. Here’s the note:

I just finished reading A New Kind of Christianity and felt compelled to
drop a quick line and say “thank you” for writing it! Your book perfectly
captures the struggle that I and a close friend have had over the past
several years with traditional Southern Baptist theology. While I maintain
many wonderful memories of my childhood church and still hold most of it’s
members in very high regard, I am no longer able to support many of the
doctrines they espouse.
I have searched for years for an alternative view that explores new
possibilities without completely discounting belief altogether. Your work
has provided a framework from which I can begin to look at faith in a whole
new way! Since I began reading with your most recent book, I now will go
back and read your earlier works to get a more complete idea of your
viewpoints. I am sure that this will lead to many wonderful conversations
and explorations between friends and family and I thank you again for
having the courage and faith to write!
I wish you much peace, happiness and success as you carry out this vitally
important ministry!!!