For Preachers, Pastors and Teachers … and others

If you’ve read Everything Must Change, I think you’ll agree that we all need to be agents of peace, especially those of us who influence others.
My friend Michael Hardin is organizing an important gathering this summer for people who want to improve their peace-making skills. It’s called Preaching Peace … It will take place August 12-14 at Messiah College in Southern Pennsylvania.
Here’s a draft of speakers and workshop titles …
I hope to see many of you there!

Keynote Speakers:
Brian McLaren
Sharon Baker
Craig Carter
Conference Presenters:
1. Communicating (incarnating) Shalom in the “Desert of the Real” Stephen Kriss
2. Re-Conceiving Wrath: The Concept of Wrath and Reconciliation In Ephesians
David B. Miller
3. Paper Proposal: Conference on Constantinian Christianity Anthony Siegrist
4. Witness Movie Jim Meisner, Jr.
5. Depravatio Crucis: The Non-Sovereignty of God in John Caputo’s Poetics of the Kingdom B. Keith Putt
6. Just Policing: A New Face to an Old Challenge Andy Alexis-Baker
7. Against Empire: A Yoderian Reading of Romans Ted Grimsrud
8. Preaching Peace When God’s at War: Addressing Divine Violence in the Old Testament from the Pulpit Eric A. Seibert
9. After Whiteness: Postcolonial Constantinianism & the Theopolitics of Nonviolence Derek Woodard-Lehman
10. Thinking Laterally In a Time of Crisis Steve Berry
11 Workshop on The Global Meetinghouse Zach Marcus & Steve Berry
12. Must There Be Shunning? Tradition, Mimesis, and Resacralization in “Historic Peace Church” Orthopraxy Jonathan Sauder
13. Post-War Reflection: The Trial of Jesus in the Gospels Reta Finger
14. Why The World Needs Christian Leaders Committed To Peacemaking: Richard Hughes
15. Spirituality and Transformation: Changing to Models Worth Imitating Ray V Foss
16. A View from the Porch: A Case Study in Liminality and Local Theology Jim S. Amstutz
17. Transcending the Nations: Life-Giving Transnational Solidarity With the Poorest of the Poor Josh Kaufmann-Horner
18. Addressing Factions in a Christian Community through Girard’s Understanding of Sacrifice Rev. Jean F. Risley, March 2008
19. Film: Prince of Peace, God of War Moderator: John Campea
20. Film: Constantine’s Sword Lisa Bellan Boyer Moderator: (and Oragami room)

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