Follow-up on atonement

A reader writes …

Thank you Brian, for your reply to my atonement Question. I followed a link from your site which ended with James Alison and His excellent talk- ‘Some thoughts on the Atonement’. So I am on my way! I think you are on the right track to some extent that us marginal types have a problem with the penal substitution theory. I think it leads to condemnation of different people and creates along with other doctrines a fractious spirit. But there is no way even up until this week that I could have articulated the problems I have had related to me having a dissonance with some of the key doctrines I had been taught.
…. hopefully as I de-tox I will be able to re engage with a church at some point and not leave because of doctrine/ vision etc .

The good news is that as you are changing, lots of churches are changing too. Yes, many are digging in their heels and becoming reactionary and regressive and brittle and pugilistic. But surprising numbers (I’ve met many examples this week) are changing much faster and more deeply than I would have guessed … Good things are unfolding. I believe it and can feel it.