Five Books in Six Months …

A speed-reader (!) writes:

I hope you have found time to enjoy your summer amidst the busy schedule I see you have. In the past six months I have read five of your books, and four of them have passed on to others to share your insight into God’s plans for us as a human family. My wife of a couple of months and I always read aloud to one another. We certainly read books on our own, usually many at a time, but each night we come back to one book that we share together. Currently that book is one of yours, Everything Must Change. The book has been a catalyst for conversation both while lying in bed, around the breakfast table, and these conversations we share serve to instigate others with individuals at our place of work and at our church. The ideas and interpretations presented in this book are truly inspiring and have both of us itching to get out into the world and share the message of hope, the message of Jesus, with the world.
I’m sure you’ve heard testimonies like this hundreds of times, and I thank you for at least having an email address to field this, I suppose…. Thank you for your time, your tireless spirit, your inspiration, and your ambition for change.

Wow – I don’t think I’ve ever had anyone read five of my books in six months before! Thanks so much for the encouraging note. And please know that encouragement like this not only means a lot to me, but also I think it also encourages others who have read the books … to know that they aren’t alone in their sense that “everything must change.”