Finding Our Way Again

This afternoon Grace was going through the stack of mail that accumulated while we were out of town last week – and there in the pile was a copy of my newest book, Finding Our Way Again.
I believe my loyal readers will find it valuable and nourishing spiritually, and I hope it will connect with a new community of readers as well.
I think there is a healthy balance being struck … my last two books, The Secret Message of Jesus and Everything Must Change, focus on the message of Jesus and its vision of God’s dream for our world. My next two books, Finding Our Way Again and an as-yet untitled book on prayer, will focus more on the personal and communal spiritual life.
I think we can best see our personal spiritual lives in the larger context of Jesus’ message of God’s dream for our world … and at the same time, we have to translate Jesus’ global message of good news into our daily lives, so the inner ecology of our souls will contribute to a new outer ecology in our world.
I’ll try to post some more about the new book later this week. My apologies to readers who are having a hard time keeping up … but I hope you’ll find this new book as enjoyable and rewarding to read as I found it to write.