Fall 2007 Update

Fall 2007
Hi, friends …
The big news for me this fall is the October 2 release of Everything Must Change: Jesus, Global Crises, and a Revolution of Hope. It should be available at all bookstores and online booksellers; Barnes and Noble has made a special commitment to the book for which I’m grateful.
If you enjoy the book and post a review, that would be great. We have posted some reviews so far on this site, and we’ll try to link to some of the thoughtful reviews, positive and negative, down the road a bit.
And you’ll find a lot of materials – from sermon outlines, to a note to readers – elsewhere on the site, and at deepshift.org
A CD of some of my original music should be on November 1st, 2007 – put together by some wonderful musicians and friends. Check out restorationvillage.com to pre-order or listen to some samples.
In February, the Everything Must Change Tour will begin. We’ll be in eleven cities – and I hope that I’ll get to meet many of you. You can get information and register (please do so soon!) at deepshift.org. The hosts are working hard to make each site a great experience, and we’re finalizing plans for a truly meaningful and inspiring schedule.
I’m grateful to my daughter Rachel for her work on the site redesign here. She’s put up a lot of resources, some that were previously lost in cyberspace and others that are new. Thanks, Rachel!
Between now and year’s end, I’ll be in New York, Nashville, Denver, LA, San Diego, Chicago, San Francisco, Vancouver, Seattle, Dallas, Portland, Germany, and Boston – so please check out the schedule and come say hi. And stay tuned, because we might squeeze in a couple other cities too.
Thanks, friends, for your interest and support. We’re on an adventure together, and much is at stake. Thanks be to God for guidance, peace, strength, courage, and hope – and the chance to make a difference.
This fall, may we all shut down our computers and put down our books as often as possible, so we can get out of doors and savor the beauty of the season – when God’s trees paint a message of glory and joy, when tart apples and frosty mornings wake up our senses, and when pumpkin pies and crackling fireplaces add new meaning to the word “good.” Amen?
Plotting hope –