A reader writes:

I tried to friend you on facebook, but understandably I got a message saying that you had too many friend requests. I would love to follow you on facebook if you have room for one more “friend.” Somehow my brother xxx snuck in as your friend (probably because you also met him in person and talked before) so I thought I would give it a shot. ;-). If that would be cool with you my facebook link is xxx:

Sorry for the confusion on this. Just fyi – there are several Brian McLarens out there with facebook accounts. Recently, there was a “fake” one posing as me and using the site to promote his own slant on things under my name … sheesh.
Here’s the facebook page to use to keep up with me. All my blog posts immediately go up there … and you can make comments. It’s an open site, so you don’t have to be approved. I can’t keep up with personal messages on facebook – I’m sorry, I wish I could – but I do try to keep up with comments posted on the wall. So here’s the site: