Evolutionary Christianity – more resources

Not long ago I announced the launch of an informative free online series of dialogues, The Advent of Evolutionary Christianity: Conversations at the Leading-Edge of Faith, featuring 38 Christian leaders and esteemed scientists:
The series thus far has focused on the relationship between faith and reason and how a science-informed worldview can enrich our lives, deepen our faith, and bless our world. It has attracted thousands of Christians from all denominations and has been a huge success: http://evolutionarychristianity.com/blog/our-diversity/
Today I want to draw your attention to the second phase of this two-month long “event”… Starting this Saturday, January 15, will be the first of six interactive seminars (via phone and internet, twice a week) featuring speakers from his series. You’ll be able to engage with the panelists and submit questions either ahead of time or live during the roundtable discussions. I’ll be involved with the session on Tuesday, January 25, at 8 pm eastern.
Learn more here: http://evolutionarychristianity.com/blog/live-seminars/
If you think “Jesus OR Darwin” is a false choice and you’d like to experience a multitude of bridge-building approaches, don’t miss this historic series of discussions.
If you haven’t already registered for the free Evolutionary Christianity series, see here: http://evolutionarychristianity.com Once registered, you will be emailed information regarding how to listen live, via phone or internet, or later, at your convenience.