Evolution, Adam, Eve, Recycling

You’ve probably heard about the recent recycling of the Scopes Monkey Trials in Christian higher education. Christian colleges everywhere should take note … more firings could come to a biology or biblical studies department near you.

[Dr. Albert] Mohler, who has long argued that the most natural reading of Genesis is that God created the world in six 24-hour days, said in his blog that if such arguments hold sway, “we will have to come up with an entirely new understanding of the gospel metanarrative and the Bible’s storyline.”

I firmly agree (in an ironic sort of way) with the good Dr. Mohler. I think the conventional Constantinian “understanding of the gospel metanarrative and the Bible’s storyline” is wrong, misguided, and dangerous. We do in fact need “an entirely new understanding” – new, that is, compared to the status quo, but actually more ancient and primary than the conventional approach. In the process we’d better learn what a metanarrative actually is and realize that it’s not actually a great label to apply to the gospel … “the Bible’s storyline” is much better. That’s what I’ve been writing and speaking about for the last decade, and hope to keep advocating for and contributing to for the next. Here’s some of what I’ve written on the subject: