Everyone’s against slavery – and here’s how to show it!

Thanks to International Justice Mission, Not for Sale, Stop the Traffik, and other excellent organizations, there’s been a lot of attention focused on the existence of modern day slavery in the last few years.
People might associate modern-day slavery or human trafficking with diamond mines in Africa or brothels in Cambodia, but it happens right here in America too. Many of us were shocked a few years ago to discover that farm workers in Florida (where I now live) were being trafficked … right in our own back yard.
Thankfully, a movement arose among farmworkers themselves to address these ugly realities. Faith leaders like Audrey Warren, Shane Claiborne, Roy Terry, and me enthusiastically added our energies to the “Fair Food” cause.
The Fair Food movement has made amazing progress. Taco Bell, McDonald’s, Walmart, and many other leading companies have signed on to the Fair Food Program. But a few companies are still holding out – notably, Publix grocers and Wendy’s fast food.
You can raise your voice on behalf of exploited farm workers. You can spread the word about the Wendy’s boycott. You can join thousands of people who are refusing to patronize Wendy’s until they join the Fair Food Program. If you live in Ohio, you might even want to be part of the upcoming march and protest at Wendy’s headquarters.
Let’s look forward to the day when the Coalition of Immokalee Workers can announce that Wendy’s too has joined the Fair Food Program. But until then … let’s show our support for exploited farm workers by avoiding Wendy’s. Please spread the word …