encouraging note …

Received this recently …

I have just read three of your books in the past two weeks (The Secret Message of Jesus, A New Kind of Christian, and Everything Must Change) and I want to personally thank you for helping to change my heart.
I am the same age as yourself, and I was raised to be a Christian, but I have sent the past twenty-four years away from church/fellowship of any kind because I felt something was wrong with the way Christians were presenting the ‘message.’
When a long-time friend of mine recently expressed his new-found faith to me, I felt myself drawn to the Christian section of my favorite bookstore, and it was The Secret Message of Jesus that jumped off the shelf and into my hands!
Thank you, thank you, thank you! I am a musician/songwriter and I am declaring myself back and ready to spread the message of the dream of God!
Again, thank you!

… Music to an author’s ears!

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