Emergent conversation in Indonesia

From a reader in Indonesia:

I know that what I’m going to say probably you’ve already heard thousands, if not, millions of times from people across the globe. But still, I think, I really need to say:
For giving me a relieve, that it turns out that I’m not the only one who’s thinking that we missed the questions to our world’s problems. The answer is JESUS, no doubt about it. But we missed the question for years and decades.
I believe that one of JESUS’ principles on teaching is RELEVANCE. And this principle doesn’t generally apply in all denominations of Christianity. If only, all Christians have the RELEVANCE principle, then we would serve better, share the gospel better, became a more effective witness on this world, and do our best to cope with the problems of our post-modern age and to have it answered with the wisdom and the grace of GOD.
Once again, thank you Pastor. I myself still struggling for my thoughts upon humanity as global and Indonesia as local. I will kept grow my mind to have concern of these problems, to promote these problems *and of course, to promote your books also* to those around me.
Thank you, thank you.
May all Christians know the truth, both young and old, both senior or newborn Christians, so that the truth shall set us free, and eventually, hopefully, to ease the world’s devastating problems.

Thanks for writing.Be assured, I haven’t sold millions of books – not even close – so I am grateful for all the encouragement that comes my way. Especially from the other side of the world!