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Songs for The Great Spiritual Migration
21 demos of singable, adaptable, content-rich songs by Brian McLaren for use in public worship in your church, fellowship, campus ministry, retreat, etc. Includes a PDF with background to the songs, lyrics, and chords. $18

Storyline of the Bible
Brian McLaren’s popular collection of 20-minute podcasts give an overview of the whole Bible, Genesis to Revelation. Great for use while commuting, exercising, etc. In 47 short installments. $15

Reading the Bible Afresh
Coinciding with the release of his groundbreaking book We Make the Road by Walking, Brian taught four weekend courses that give an in-depth introduction to 1) the Hebrew Scriptures, 2) the Gospels and the life of Jesus, 3) the Book of Acts and the early church, and 4) the New Testament epistles and Revelation. These lectures model the “integral/literary” approach Brian explains in his most recent book, The Great Spiritual Migration. They include background information and close readings of key biblical texts. $25
Parts 1 & 2:

Parts 3 & 4:

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