Here’s a good window into the emergent conversation in South Africa, hitting themes that come up around the world …
More interesting dialogue on same-sex marriage here …. The conservative spokesperson articulated what is to me the submerged iceberg hiding beneath the issue’s surface – our view of the Bible in relation to Jesus. He expressed his approach to the Bible – and to Jesus – like this:

When one puts the teachings of Paul on the same authoritative ground as the teachings of Jesus, one must conclude that God does not condone homosexual behavior. The Bible does not suggest that there are two levels of spiritual authority in the Bible—the more authoritative teachings of Jesus and the teachings of Paul and the other New Testament writers. They are all equally authoritative. Consequently, I cannot see any biblical justification for condoning homosexual behavior.

Some folks have said I overstated the case in my book A Generous Orthodoxy, when I suggested that many Christians keep Jesus as personal Savior, but promote Paul to equal status as teacher. Here’s a pretty clear case in point, I’d say.