Derek Webb gets it right … and a lot of people will no doubt jump all over him for it

Several friends (thanks!) have sent me the link to this important and courageous song … by Derek Webb. They saw connections between the song and a recent post I did on sexuality.
The sentiment of the song reminds me a lot of what I put in a post a while back, where I said …

Many of you will remember the two lists I talked about on the tour – the list of intramural religious debates in the Christian subculture hanging on one wall, and the list of global crises hanging on the other. A year after the EMC tour, it’s clearer to me than ever that many if not most Christians in the US remain focused on the “religious arguments” list. In one Q & A session after another since our tour, I’ve watched the conversation be pulled away from Jesus’ gospel of the reigning of God in relation to life-and-death global crises, and turned toward controversies and inquisitions about doctrinal opinions and “theological correctness.” Some nights, I didn’t even realize what had happened until I went back to my hotel room and just wanted to cry.

If you really want to get depressed, read the comments below the music video and survey the online buzz about the song. With a few happy exceptions, so many people ignore the point Derek’s making and start arguing about … you guessed it. Sheesh.