Dehumanization through Criminalization

I have great respect for Noel Castellanos and the good work of CCDA (Christian Community Development Association). In his recent OnFaith article (worth reading in its entirety), he says:
“We cannot for a moment allow our communities to bend to the xenophobic messages coming from this Administration. Thousands of cities and houses of worship will continue to resist discrimination and deportations through Sanctuary. As communities of faith, we will continue to welcome the stranger and love our neighbor regardless of nationality, language, race, religion, or documentation status into our places of worship.”
Which got me thinking.
Would Christians who support Trump’s program support their fellow church members without documentation being deported from their own congregations?
Would these churches and pastors call ICE to turn in the names of undocumented people who are members of their churches?
Just wondering. I think many would support these things, because once they put the label “criminal” on a fellow human being, they feel their responsibilities to him or her end.
Something to ponder: Jesus was a criminal, a death row inmate, in fact. And in many places, the early Christians were also considered criminals, simply for acknowledging that Jesus was their Lord, not Caesar.
See Noel’s full piece here: