Crying like a baby …

I continue to receive – and be moved by – emails like this one … (after the jump)

A reader wrote …

I just finished reading your book, “A New Kind of Christian.”. Thank you for such wonderful insight of integrating your new ecclesiology to a fictional narrative.
I was reading page 203 last week, and I was crying like a baby—which I have not don’t for years now. Because I wish I could be that Dan who boldly chooses the third alternative. But I’m not strong enough. I’ve been in the ministry for more than xx years. I’m only xx years old and I’m just tired of church life. I’m ready to leave…unfortunately while in the midst of a very important work.
Please pray for me Brian. A lot of people will be disappointed and angry with me. I also don’t know how to survive financially. But I just can’t go on anymore. What you are saying makes sense. The gospel story for me is that only thing that makes sense. all these church institutional nonsense is what’s draining me.
… I wish you well. I’m also looking forward of reading the sequel of your book.

Maybe a lot of us could pause for a moment now and pray for our sisters and brothers in leadership who are in a lot of pain. May God surround them with friends – true friends – who will give them the support and space they need to heal and begin again, as “a new kind of pastor” in “a new kind of Christianity.” And how about this … maybe send your pastors a note or email of encouragement today?